To provide the best performing and safest ride possible, without breaking your bank.


At SkootRider®, we all come to work every day because we believe we are disrupting the electric scooter industry. No one understands our industry better than we do, and it was as simple as listening and understanding our consumer that led us to create this masterpiece.

The scooter has come a long way since its creation back in 1894. When it comes to buying an electric scooter, our consumers know very well that if there is one thing that they do not lack is options. In order to make their decision easier and a no brainer, we created our product. SkootRider® was built on the highest standards of quality, including looks, performance, weather proof, perfect-balance, and most importantly safety.

And even though we have complete faith in the performance of our SkootRider®, we provide our consumers with a 1-year warranty; enough to let them sleep well at night! Do not wait any longer to get your hands on a SkootRider®. We guarantee it will be the best ride of your adventurous life.